Klang (German; sound) is a meditative melodic puzzle game for iOS. It creates a unique game experience by shifting the focus from visuals to sound.

The goal is to make up to five tones sound in an ascending order. It's easy to learn but hard to master.

Klang embraces a meditative gameplay that calms you down. There are no distracting visual elements. Everything is reduced to the essential.

Once you downloaded Klang – just tap anywhere on the screen and listen…

Under The Hood

Despite it's visual simplicity Klang is meticulously developed under the hood.


Klang comes with more than 800 Leves of which more than 700 are animated.


Each session you play is unique. Klang picks a Level on every tap, whilst gradually increasing the difficulty.

»She comes in colors everywhere«

Klang comes in 8 colors, choose your favorite.


Lose yourself in a world of major, minor, seventh and extended chords.


Grab a pair of headphones and enjoy the stereo-experience.


Tap once after you launched Klang and play to infinity.

Available on the AppStore